National Tourism Strategy of Cyprus

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National Tourism Strategy of Cyprus

Service Area: Destination Management
Capabilitiess: Tourism development, Operational plan, Strategic plan, Sustainable tourism, Sales & commercialisation, Online marketing , Brand management, Training, Quality assurance system, Positioning
Client: Ministry of Energy, Commerce,Industry and Tourism of Cyprus
Location: Cyprus

The tourism strategy was focus on restore Cyprus’ tourism growth and revenue, repositioning it’s tourism brand and making a strategic shift towards an enriched and diversified tourism product, able to attract more higher-spending visitors and penetrate new niche segments and markets.

The challenge

At the outset of this century, tourism demand for Cyprus stagnated at around 2.6 million international tourists. According to statistics from the World Bank, Cyprus was the weakest performing destination among its EU competitors at that time. However, a promising surge in demand has been observed in recent years that opens up new opportunities. To take advantage of this opportunity, the Government of Cyprus decided to define a new National Tourism Strategy.

Key Objectives
Restore Cyprus’ tourism growth and revenue by means of improving its value proposition, repositioning it’s tourism brand and making a strategic shift towards an upgraded, enriched and diversified tourism product. Attract more and higher-spending visitors and penetrate new niche segments and markets.

The approach

THR elaborated a comprehensive development strategy that was converted into 8 specific action plans and organized into an implementation program.

Furthermore, the methodology included:

  • A complete analysis of the current situation on both an internal / external level
  • An exhaustive site inspection
  • A widely participatory process for the stakeholders involved
  • A vast market research program.
  • A review of the current tourism regulatory framework and current tourism management system, making recommendations for improvement.

Value created

  • A clear National strategy that will guide tourism development for the next 15 years, approved by Government and accepted by key stakeholders
  • New branding & marketing strategies defined to achieve differentiated positioning for Cyprus and a plan to attract a more, better yielding and less seasonal tourism,
  • An action plan set to increase Cyprus’ air connectivity and to reduce seasonality
  • A spatial growth model developed, identifying new areas for tourism development
  • Key tourism projects and opportunities identified and a plan to attract foreign and local investment
  • Business models and the value proposition of 7 key tourism products, defined
  • A new governance model involving key public and private stakeholders
  • A new operating model and training sessions addressed to public officials to support the alignment of the organization with the strategy

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