Strategic training plan of the tourism industry in the Balearic Islands

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Strategic training plan of the tourism industry in the Balearic Islands

Service Area: Destination Management
Capabilitiess: Training, Market intelligence
Client: Government of the Balearic Islands, Department of Employment and Training
Location: Balearic Islands, Spain

The training offer of the tourism industry of the Balearic Islands lacked planning on the companies' side regarding both their current and their future needs. In addition, many tourism companies offered no training whatsoever owing to their small size or to lack of interest.

Islas BalearesTHR had to develop a strategic training plan aiming to improve the tourism industry workers' qualifications. To do so, continuous training had to match future needs. Moreover, maximum repercussions had to be granted, as well as knowledge transfer.

THR's proposed approach followed two main axes:

1) Identifying current and future training needs:

  • Detecting the clients' problems and discomforts.
  • Identifying the demands of the work market (what is valued in a worker, employability criteria used...).
  • Defining training flaws at the time.
  • Identifying new tourism professions (either direct or indirect) clearly oriented to creating experiences and feelings, as well as their respective training needs.

2) Developing the Strategic Training Plan for the tourism industry in the Balearic Islands up to 2020.

  • Prioritising the 30 current and future professions' greater training needs.
  • Designing the courses which will be taught for the selected professions.
  • Developing practical promotion actions for those courses.

One of the main results was building a 'New Training Technology', which implied the following elements in order to be successful:

  • Detecting each collective's specific needs.
  • Adding and classifying those needs according to comparable quality and usefulness criteria (online training, face to face training at work, etc.).
  • Laying out a road map defining the plans and projects for tourism training which must be implemented in the Balearic Islands, considering the companies' productive needs and action schedules.
  • Tools for the monitoring of the training processes which will allow to correct possible deviations or support better initiatives which arise during the process.
  • An effective assessment model of the quality of the training and its subsequent usefulness at work.

Continuous Training Plan

Plan de FormaciĆ³n Continua
Source: THR

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