Spain's strategic marketing plan

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Spain's strategic marketing plan

Service Area: Destination Marketing
Capabilitiess: Marketing plan, Strategic plan, Operational plan, Market intelligence, Online marketing , Organisation restructuring
Client: Spanish Institute of Tourism (Turespaña)
Location: Spain

After an intense collaboration with Turespaña's technicians and the Spanish private sector, THR designed a strategic marketing plan providing the Central Tourism Administration with a strategic reference document for the following years. The master plan designed included an analysis of the situation, a set of strategies and tactics, and an implementation and management plan.

EspañaAfter almost 20 years since the latest strategic marketing plan, Turespaña needed a plan which would lead the way for strategic actions to be carried out over the following years.

Likewise, an additional boost to tourism marketing was provided in addition to that of the Spanish tourism administration. This should provide innovation and rigour in processes and results.

THR designed a marketing plan which renewed processes and strategies, aiming to innovate in the way marketing was done at that moment. The marketing plan relied on online marketing, the generation of niche offers and the prioritising of city -and not country- issuing markets.

Specific activities carried out:

  • Research amongst 40,000 consumers (online on and similar websites); professionals of the tourism sector in Spain; tour operators and travel agents in issuing markets; managers of Spanish Tourism Offices, and representatives of the Autonomous Regions
  • Industry workshops with renowned experts and managers of Spanish Tourism Offices
  • Redefinition of Turespaña's portfolio
  • Master plan (objectives, strategies and tactics)
  • One plan per product
  • One market plan

The strategic marketing plan included a diagnostic of the state of Spanish tourism (domestic analysis), a market strategy dossier (portfolio, market analysis and targeting), and a goals and strategies system.

Different market and product plans were created in partnership with Spanish Tourism Offices abroad (STOs).

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