Sustainable tourism development plan of the counties of Girona

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Sustainable tourism development plan of the counties of Girona

Service Area: Destination Management
Capabilitiess: Tourism development, Sustainable tourism, Marketing plan, Competitiveness
Client: Tourist Board of Costa Brava-Girona
Location: Girona, Spain

Tourism in the counties of Girona was in a crucial moment, full of unexploited opportunities (towns, medium and high-sized mountains) which would allow it to go beyond tourism in the Costa Brava. Therefore, it was necessary to elaborate a sustainable development plan to give coherence and optimise decision-making in tourist policy in the counties of Girona.

Costa BravaThe main objective of the project was to diversify the tourist offer in the province of Girona and balance it with its main attractive: the Costa Brava. The aim of the plan was to distribute the tourist flux throughout the province and turn destinations into a group of local tourist clusters which were varied and authentic.

Destination system value

Sistema de valor del destinoSource: THR

THR carried out a study of both the different environmental components of the regions and the physical, socio-economic and tourist space. The aim was to achieve sustainable tourism development in each region.

The project included:

  • Carrying out an environmental study.
  • Establishing strengths and weaknesses, as well as possibilities and threats.
  • Defining objectives and development strategies.
  • Carrying out a competitiveness programme.
  • Carrying out a marketing programme.
  • Defining the role and work of the Tourist Board.

The main result was the elaboration of a plan to distribute the tourism flux throughout the whole province. It was divided into clusters with similar characteristics and each of them had different objectives. Moreover, the internal organisation of Tourism Associations was completely restructured.

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