Plan of tourism marketing in Catalonia

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Plan of tourism marketing in Catalonia

Service Area: Destination Marketing
Capabilitiess: Marketing plan, Strategic plan, Operational plan, Market intelligence, Brand management, Online marketing , Product development, Organisation restructuring
Client: Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT), State Tourism Office (DGT)
Location: Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia is a referent in the international tourism sector. As such, it has a very broad and varied type of tourism on offer. Tourism industry in Catalonia has two main engines: Sun & Beach tourism and the city of Barcelona itself. The Pyrenees Brand concentrates most of the offer of tourist companies throughout Catalonia.

THR developed a plan of tourism marketing for Catalonia with different strategies for each product category.

CataluñaSince a new strategic tourism plan was being designed for Catalonia at that moment, The Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT) deemed it appropriate to commission the first plan of tourism marketing for Catalonia which defined the marketing priorities and guidelines for that destination in the 3 following years.

These guidelines had to provide an innovative component, putting Catalonia's tourism marketing in an advanced position, bearing in mind the demand's new trends and dropping historical routines which contributed little value.

A new marketing plan was designed. It renewed processes and strategies and aimed to change the way the Catalan Tourism Agency had been doing marketing so far.

The plan's starting point was a deep strategic analysis based on over ten research papers, contributions from over 1,200 key players in the sector, and workshops specialised in product categories.

Then, the focus was put on the definition of the strategy of the Catalonia brand and its relationship with territory brands in order to maximise the coordination potential with territorial bodies and the impact on the target public.

Diagram 'A brand's power is based on its strength and stature '

El poder de la marca
Source: Young & Rubicam

The strategic marketing plan included a diagnostic of the state of Catalan tourism (domestic analysis), a market strategy dossier (Portfolio, Market Analysis and Targeting), and marketing strategies and tactics.

6 product plans and 14 source markets plans were elaborated in collaboration with the Centres of Tourism Promotion (CTPs).

The strategy for the Catalonia brand was defined, as well as the guidelines for a system of market intelligence, new financing sources, and the generation of innovative marketing ideas.

Moreover, a proposal was launched for a new organisational structure of the Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT).

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