Reframing the Institute of Tourism of the Balearic Islands (IBATUR)

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Reframing the Institute of Tourism of the Balearic Islands (IBATUR)

Service Area: Destination Management
Capabilitiess: Organisation restructuring, Training
Client: Institute of Tourism of the Balearic Islands (IBATUR)
Location: Balearic Islands, Spain

The Balearic Islands were at that time one of the main tourist destinations in the world, with over 13 million tourists coming by air and sea every year. The promotion and planning of tourism in the Balearic Islands needed an efficient public administration which contributed to strengthening and improving the tourism industry. THR was hired for this project to 'reinvent' the IBATUR organisation. Its new structure was intended to meet the guidelines of the marketing plan previously defined.

Islas BalearesThis project consisted of reorganising the Institute of Tourism of the Balearic Islands (IBATUR) in order to improve its competitiveness in international tourism. This implied ratifying and agreeing on such factors as the new organisational model, technical support and coaching during the implementation and the subsequent monitorisation and assessment of the action plan in order for it to be improved and optimised.

THR's team examined the organisational structure in great depth at that moment and recommended a new organisational system including new functional areas and providing the private tourism industry with better support.

The project included:

  • Developing the professional profiles at the time: attitudes and abilities
  • Defining a new organisational model
  • Detailed description of the job
  • Training Plan
  • Road Map Model

The new model provided an organisation adapted to the needs of that moment; a 'reinvented' IBATUR...

  • More consistent, effective and oriented to sightseers, companies and their needs, both in its products and services portfolio.
  • Able to innovate continuously to attract new opportunities and create more value for tourists and the Balearic Islands.
  • Well positioned and recognised with an organisational model whose benefits and attributes are clearly perceived.
  • And finally, an organisation able to decisively contribute to the process of recovering the competitiveness of the Balearic Islands.

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