Destination Marketing

Tourist destination marketing

Creating value for tourist destinations through innovative strategies and tactics

Increase in marketing efficiency (275+ projects)

The goal of this internationally renowned division is to create value for tourist destinations through the most innovative and original marketing strategies and tactics and/or robust tourist brands.

We are proud to have designed marketing plans for great destinations, both in Europe -such as Spain (Catalonia, Andalusia, the Basque Country, Balearic Islands...), Belgium, Croatia, Greece- and in The Americas, -such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico (Cancun), Uruguay, etc. Moreover, we were chosen, at the time, by the EU to design the whole European tourist promotion strategy in the markets of the USA and Japan.

Usual client concerns:

  • Slow growth

  • Loss of market share

  • Value loss or decrease in value

  • Weak positioning and competitive situation

  • Low ratio of brand adoption

  • Uncertain market opportunities

  • Excessive seasonality

  • Unclear corporate identity for the market

  • Lack of a distinct identity for the tourism product

  • Old or out-of-date product portfolio

  • Low tourist income

  • Unsatisfactory marketing performance

  • Etc.

Specialised services that THR offers to solve these problems:

  • High-performing marketing plans: design of specific plans and innovative actions for each product/market of the tourist destination.

  • Implementation of marketing plans: support in the launching of operational marketing plans.

  • Destination brand strategy: creating robust and original corporate identities for tourist destinations which allow them to be different from other competing destinations.

  • Developing tourism products and experiences: designing innovative products and unforgettable experiences to strengthen the destination's proposition of value.

  • Repositioning destinations: looking for an optimal proposal of value which helps destinations to differentiate from their competitors and achieve the best results, and technical support for its successful implementation.

  • Consultancy in the design and implementation of big marketing actions, such as: Advertising campaigns, promotion actions, implementation of marketing plans, assissting in the practical implementation of operative marketing plans.

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