Tourism development and marketing plan for the Imereti Region

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Tourism development and marketing plan for the Imereti Region

Service Area: Destination Marketing
Capabilitiess: Tourism development, Product development, Marketing plan, Strategic plan, Operational plan
Client: World Bank – Georgia National Tourism Administration
Location: Imereti, Georgia

The Imereti region, in central Georgia, has received a substantial investment injection in the recent years. Authorities were interested in turning tourism into a development source for this region, which has traditionally only been a crossing point and far from oriented to tourism activity.

Georgia In spite of its active role in the past and its varied and promising resources, Imereti's potential to generate wealth for tourism was very limited. The aim was to change this situation by creating a growth strategy for the region and a marketing plan.

A development plan was designed once Imereti's main flaws in tourism were found out. The plan also took into account the general framework where the region must develop in the following years, and it proposed a series of actions to be implemented to improve the contribution of tourism to the local population's economic and social well-being.

Furthermore, marketing opportunities were identified for 5 main targets, with an operation plan containing advice and a detailed budget.

Basic products portfolio of Imereti

Imereti Portfolio de productos
Source: THR

After THR's involvement in the project, the following results were obtained:

  • Development plan: development objectives; tourism industry strategy; clusters strategy; proposal for an action plan.
  • Marketing plan: identifying existing opportunities; targets strategy; issuing markets strategy; value proposal; defining marketing objectives; action plan proposal.
  • Likewise, the basic content was produced to publish a tourism map of the region.

Proposal for a Tourism Map in the Imereti Region, Georgia

Propuesta de mapa turístico de la región de Imereti, Georgia
Source: THR

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