Marketing plan for tourism in Andalusia

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Marketing plan for tourism in Andalusia

Service Area: Destination Marketing
Capabilitiess: Marketing plan, Strategic plan, Operational plan, Online marketing , Sales & commercialisation, Market intelligence
Client: Turismo Andaluz, SA
Location: Andalusia, Spain

Under strict cooperation with the main tourist agents in Andalusia, the state of the sector in the region was analysed, the niches with greater potential were identified and a general strategic framework was created to improve the region's positioning against competitors.

AndalucíaAndalusian Tourism needed a marketing plan and by renewing the strategies defined in the former plan they boosted tourism and the marketing which had been done up til then. This was done with a new innovative and rigourous approach.

Andalusia was at a key moment where it needed to reconsider which road to take from a strategic point of view. Therefore, it was the moment to define a new framework which would guide its tourism policy for the following years. It needed to respond to the new market trends and improve Andalusia's positioning in relation to its competitors.

A marketing plan was designed which allowed the client to renew its strategies, that, at the same time, meets all the requirements of innovation and breaks with traditional marketing which the actual client demanded. More specifically, a big bet was recommended to be made on online marketing, the generation of niche offers, and the prioritising of source markets.

The activities carried out are as follows:

  • Meetings with a Commision of plan monitoring.
  • Internal meetings with the client to present the progress.
  • Sector meetings in all the provinces.
  • A final presentation of the plan to the press.

The plan included a diagnostic of the situation of tourism in Andalusia, market strategies (what to sell, on which markets and to which type of clients) and a goals, objectives and strategies system which culminated in an implementation plan with over 50 detailed tactics throughout the whole plan.

The plan improved the efficiency of Andalusian marketing, which would entail a greater number of profitable operations, improve cooperation relations with regions, and increase Andalusia's market share in national and international markets.

Priority matrix of tourism products in Andalusia

matriz de prioridad
Source: Based on 'The GE–McKinsey nine-box matrix'

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