Destination Management

Tourist destination management

Improvement solutions for financial performance and sustainability of destinations

Improving the destination's competitiveness (180+ projects)

The goal of this division is to contribute to improving the destinations' profitability and their long-term sustainability through innovative tourism master plans, improving their competitiveness, implementing professional training plans and creating partnerships between the public and private sectors.

In all these years, we have had the opportunity to create development plans for main tourist destinations, such as Spain (White Book of Spanish Tourism), Mexico (Tourism Development Plan For the State of Veracruz), or the Peninsula of Istria, in Croatia - declared as one of the World's 5 best destinations, according to National Geographic.

Usual client concerns:

  • Low income from tourism

  • Low investment profitability

  • Excessive seasonability

  • Low competitiveness

  • Weak institutional performance and inefficient management

  • Underdeveloped tourism capacity

  • Lack of coordination between public and private marketing campaigns

  • Low quality tourist services

  • Etc.

Specialised services that THR offers to solve these problems:

  • Development of master plans: Design of successful strategies to maximise a destination's tourist potential and income, by improving the magic formula to increase the value offered to clients.

  • Competitiveness programmes: helping destinations to strengthen the competitiveness of their tourist systems through the development of innovative business models.

  • Education and training: programmes aimed to improve and strengthen the knowledge and abilities of the tourist destination's management team, and comprehensive improvement of the tourist experience through specific training programmes for key actors.

  • Creation and management of destination management organisations and companies (DMOs and DMCs): improving competitiveness by building robust and efficient public-private structures to manage destinations.

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