Advisory Services

Better performance for tourism companies

Consultation to foster productivity and competitiveness of tourism companies

Improvement of business performance (255+ projects)

Consultancy for the improvement of private tourism sector's profitability and efficiency. Amongst others: tour operators, travel agents, theme parks, leisure centres, shopping centres, coastlines and ports, wellness centres, museums and other tourist, cultural and nature attractions.

Usual client concerns:

  • Low profitability (ROI and ROA) missed opportunities

  • Below-par performance of operations

  • Obsolete business models

  • Low rate of retention

  • Lack of clarity of objectives/strategic framework

  • Low quality services

  • Etc.

Specialised services that THR offers to solve these problems:

  • Revision of business strategy: development of the business' vision, identification of key factors, design of strategic initiatives and establishment of a practical 'balanced scorecard'.

  • Strategic and operational marketing: design and implementation of the best competitive strategy for the company, assessing alternatives such as diversification, business growth, product development and innovation, maximising the value created by the company for its clients.

  • Design and re-engineering of business model: creation of "blue ocean" strategies for companies by means of designing or re-engineering their value chains and profit centres with the aim of overshadowing competitors completely.

  • Education and training: professional development through the implementation of appropriate training and educational programmes which contribute to the creation of a more effective and stable labour force.

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