Strategic sales plan for a renowned global tour operator

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Strategic sales plan for a renowned global tour operator

The Spanish division of the biggest tour operator in the world was losing competitiveness owing to the radical change in distribution and information models and new customers' needs. In addition to that, the global crisis deeply struck general tourism in Spain in 2009, and tour operators' capacities have been considerably reduced in general.

The offer of the Spanish division of this tour operator was becoming less relevant owing to a radical change in demand, both in product configuration and in distribution channels. THR had to develop a strategic marketing plan to define the guidelines which should be followed.

THR developed a strategy aiming to reconfigure the product and radically change the company's business model. It needed to go from being a receptive tour operator to being a provider of destination experiences, by developing new online and offline distribution channels.

The main strategic guidelines proposed by THR were:

  • To establish markets and client niches.
  • To develop a structured product portfolio according to the different target groups.
  • To define a unique approach, developing innovative experiential products.
  • To consolidate the offline channel.
  • To develope an online B2B & B2C sales strategy.
  • To develop a brand strategy according to the product portfolio and channel strategy.

After the submission of the project, the Spanish division of the tour operator obtained:

  • Good understanding of current and future clients' needs and wishes.
  • Good understanding of structures and competitive behaviour.
  • A general list of future target groups.
  • Success factors and specific ideas to improve and innovate the excursion products.
  • Positioning and main communication guidelines for its target groups.
  • References for the implementation of the new strategy.
  • The ratios and key values to measure the success in implementing the new strategy.

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