Developing the 'Salam Resorts' luxury concept for Sama Dubai

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Developing the 'Salam Resorts' luxury concept for Sama Dubai

Service Area: Advisory Services
Capabilitiess: Brand development, Market intelligence, Business model
Client: Sama Dubai
Location: Worldwide

Sama Dubai (an affiliate of Dubai Holding which merged with Emaar Properties in 2009) wished to become one of the World's top 5 developers in the real-estate industry and be renowned as the best of its kind with a remarkable portfolio of product concepts. Aware of the strong international demand for luxury resorts, and in accordance with their vision to create places where people could belong to, they intended to create a leading international premium brand.

Sama DubaiSama Dubai needed a clear definition of the product's concept on which to base its global positioning. Therefore, it needed comprehensive understanding of the relative success factors for luxury resorts. This needed to be based on vast experience, and an analysis of the market's offer and demand.

The project consisted of developing the concept for a new luxury resort global brand present on all continents.

In order to do this THR combined a series a methodologies including forecast sessions, interviews and panels with world-renowned experts as well as thorough interviews with clients, amongst others.

The aforementioned methodologies were combined in order to create a unique value proposition for all emotional and experiential components. Physical and functional parameters were also defined.

At the end of the project, Sama Dubai received:

  • A concept definition combining emotions/experiences with phisical/functional aspects (programme, etc.).
  • A demand analysis and object definition according to 3 dimensions: psyco-graphic, lifestyle and influx level.
  • Finding the best practice and key success factors.
  • A forecast workshop.
  • Interviews and panels with worldwide-renowned experts.
  • Extensive interviews with luxury travellers.
  • Other primary research.

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