Croatia's strategic marketing plan

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Croatia's strategic marketing plan

Service Area: Destination Marketing
Capabilitiess: Marketing plan, Strategic plan, Operational plan, Product development, Brand development, Brand management
Client: Croatia National Tourism Board (CNTB)
Location: Croatia

In 2002, despite its abundant tourism assets, Croatia was not making the most of its potential due to the tense situation in the area. In order to turn Croatia into a main destination for the European market, Croatia National Tourism Board (CNTB) hired THR's experts to come up with a strategic and operational marketing plan. This collaboration recurred in 2008 and 2014.

CroaciaIn 2002, THR developed the first Tourism Marketing Plan for the Government of Croatia. The results were so satisfactory that our company was commissioned to design a second plan in 2008 and again in 2014 in order to strengthen the previous achievements and further stimulate tourism in the country.

The CNTB needed a plan which could reorganise the system of national tourism marketing, revitalise the industry and provide it with innovative marketing tools. This would allow the country to successfully compete in a commercial environment.

Besides the recommendations strictly related to marketing, it needed a long-term strategic document which reflected the main opportunities and threats for the development of tourism in Croatia over the following years.

THR kept the slogan launched in 2002, 'Croatia: the Mediterranean as it once was' and developed specific marketing plans for eight tourism products and eleven regions in the country, under the basic guidelines of a single big plan.

An innovative plan was launched in the following fields:

  • Sector approach: Sun and Beach, Culture and Tours, Meetings, Nautical Tourism, Rural Tourism and Special Interest Tourism.
  • Regional approach: Reinforcement of the experience aspect.
  • Definition of the long-term framework in Croatia's tourism development, which determines the main guidelines of the marketing plan.

Croatia is a country which, despite the deep European crisis, was in good economic health and was considered as a particularly modern and exemplary destination. According to Tourism Economics, its mid-term growth forecast was close to 15%.

The project produced the following results:

  • 6 strategic and operational plans for the prioritised tourism sectors
  • Comprehensive plan for the whole marketing of Croatia
  • Implementation plan
  • Integrated system of brand management

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