Development of tourism experiences in Colombia

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Development of tourism experiences in Colombia

Service Area: Destination Marketing
Capabilitiess: Experiential system , Business model, Organisation restructuring, Product development, Marketing plan, Implementation plan
Client: Fund of Tourism Promotion (FONTUR), Ministy of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Colombia (MINCIT)
Location: Colombia

The Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (benificiary of the project) wished to reorient the country's tourism offer to an experiential product. To achieve this purpose, it needed a first filtering of the experiences with greater potential.

ColombiaThe tourism offer in Colombia lacks an experiential component which makes it different and attractive for international markets. THR was hired by the Colombian Fund of Tourism Promotion (FONTUR) with the objective of developing a system of unique and distinct tourism experiences.

Diagram 'What's an Experience?'

¿Qué es una experiencia?

Source: THR

The resources and spaces were identified according to the promotion documents and the agents and local experts' inputs. Visits were carried out in order to identify the main potentials related to the experiences. This experience system must be managed according to rules, which were defined, too.

Likewise, the creation of the label 'Colombia Inolvidable' was recommended to facilitate the communication of this new offer.

The activities carried out were:

  • 16 in-depth interviews to relevant tourism agents
  • Chosen according to the client's directions fieldwork
  • Visit to 24 tourist spaces to assess their potential and the activities they offered (or might offer)
  • 3 meetings with the industry players

Outline of the development of the experiences system sector

Desarrollo de un sistema de experiencias Colombia
Source: THR

After THR's involvement in the project, the following results were obtained:

  • Assessment of the tourism experiences and spaces
  • Description of the selected top experiences
  • Design of the model of product management and the managing organism
  • Marketing plan for the 'Colombia Inolvidable' label
  • Label implementation plan

Types of experiences

Tipologías de experiencias

Source: THR

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