Cancun's promotion plan in Latin America and Europe

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Cancun's promotion plan in Latin America and Europe

Service Area: Destination Marketing
Capabilitiess: Corporate identity, Marketing plan, Promotion, Communication plan, Brand development
Client: Cancun's Tourism Promotion Trust Fund
Location: Cancun, Mexico

The objective of this project was to create a strong tourist corporate identity for Cancun, which was well positioned amongst clients and the tourism market.

CancunCancun had to be provided with a code of visual communication which had high visual impact and was easy to implement and generalise to all the elements to be communicated.

Moreover, Cancun had to be furnished with a tool allowing to show a clear tourism policy and the will to carry it through:

  • A planning and control instrument
  • A tool of of spontaneous initiatives
  • Reinforcing leadership amongst companies and professionals

Set action programme

Programa de Actividades Cancun
Source: THR

The plan for tourism marketing was developed to consolidate Cancun's privileged position as a worldwide tourist destination, whilst considering at the same time new tourism activities and products beyond the traditional sun & beach model.

This marketing plan started with a detailed analysis of the existing tourism companies, including hotels, profiles and demand trends in the Mexican Caribbean.

THR also developed the whole promotion and communication plan, as well as the materials which were used in a large-scale promotion campaign in European, Latin-American and US markets.

The methodology THR used:

  • Brand development & positioning
  • Creativity in tourism communication
  • Promotion in Europe, Latin America & the USA
  • Identity conceptualisation
  • Elaborating a communication briefing
  • Corporate identity design
  • Corporate identity approval
  • Creating corporate identity implementation manual
  • Distributing the manual to all agents involved for its correct implementation

THR took charge of the promotion of Cancun for two years in a row with a strategy which resulted in:

  • 70,000 more clients for Cancun
  • 70 million potential clients reached
  • 5,000 travel agencies 'linked'
  • 250 tour operators (Incentive Houses, Congresses and Conventions Organisers, SITC) contacted
  • 100 businessmen in Cancun participating in the system

Extract of Cancun's applications guide

Manualde aplicaciones Cancun
Source: THR

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