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Kazakh Invest and THR sign a cooperation agreement to attract strategic investors

Last December, Mr.Rustam Issatayev, Board Deputy Chairman of KAZAKH INVEST National Company, and Mr.Christophe de Bruyn, THR CEO, signed a cooperation agreement.

Kazakh agreement
The agreement covers a wide range of bilateral cooperation areas, such as:

  • Establishing close business ties with foreign companies from the governamental, non-governmental, and corporate sectors.

  • Provide services related to the promotion of investment opportunities in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the attraction of foreign direct investment.

Tourism, hospitality, leisure and mixed-use developments have been identified priority by both entities. Moreover, investments in other sectors of the Kazakh economy could potentially be targeted if the opportunity exists.

This agreement will be a crucial instrument to enhance the business competitiveness of Kazakhstan, and also to attrac foreign investors/investments.

*This article has been elaborated with information provided by Kazakh Invest.

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