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THR present at the 2017 STEK-OEB Tourism Forum, Cyprus

Eulogio Bordas, President of THR Innovative Tourism Advisors, in charge of the new Tourism Strategy for Cyprus, was keynote speaker at the 2017 STEK-OEB Tourism Forum: “The role of local authorities”.
Mr. Bordas presentation addressed the issue of collaboration among tourism industry key players and local authorities, being these the agents who lead the processes.

STEK Cyprus“What local authorities should do is to greatly reduce the negative values that exist in tourism while increasing the positive ones (…) I have identified five key rules that local authorities should follow to improve their destinations: elaborate strategy and planning, review and update infrastructure and services, eliminate visual pollution and trivialization, deliver an exceptional tourism experience and implement efficient Brand and CRM Systems. These are the main recommendations for an enhancement of the competitiveness of the destination.”

The President of THR emphasised the importance of creating new structures and improving the services that optimise the quality of the stay, reducing the stress created by the environment. "We often encounter dirt on the streets that produces unpleasant smells, noises that disturb our walks, cars that prevent children from playing freely - all these elements are cause of great stress for tourists and reduce the chances of them coming back by a great percent."

“40% of future tourism’s consumers are millennials, these are digital animals and their ways are very different from how tourism used to develop 10 years ago. Smart destinations like El Hierro Island is a perfect example of this. They have created and implemented a software system that allows the guests to book hammocks on the beach or a visit to natural parks in just a click. Local authorities need to understand this and include it in their plans.”

Before finishing his speech, Mr. Bordas presented the idea of creating a tourism tax for the benefit of the industry, not without emphasising the importance of transparency that the authorities should offer.

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