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The Supreme Council for Planning for Oman has contracted THR to develop the Tourism Development Master Plan for Dhofar

DhofarDhofar is the first of the 5 Tourism Development Master Plans for the period 2016-2020 as prescribed in the Oman Tourism Strategy.

The Tourism Development Master Plans are an integral part of Tanfeedh – The National Implementation Plan for the Sultanate of Oman. The plan focises on supporting the key sectors for economic diversification as outlined in the Ninth Five-Year Plan. The five priority sectors are tourism, manufacturing, logistics, fisheries and mining.

Two of the keystrategic challenges for the Governorate of Dhofar are:

  • Make the region a preferred year-round destination for both domestic and international tourists interested in its nature and cultural heritage, and its rich traditions and history; and secondly,

  • Make tourism a more dynamic sector of the regional economy - promoting the development of the tourism industry by way of long-term public and private sector partnerships on a local and regional basis.

The Tourism Master Plan that THR has initiated will provide the policy framework for the development, management, monitoring and long term sustainability of the region's tourism sector for the next 15 year . It will include a thorough review of all of Dhofar’s assets, identifying the biggest opportunities for growth, recognising the main obstacles, and looking at how they can be overcome.

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