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Kenya’s Experience Tourism Challenges within the National Stakeholder Forum

Sonia Huerta, THR Manager, spoke about Kenya’s tourism marketing challenges within the two-day National Tourism Stakeholder Forum held on 12th and 13th of February. She discussed the different trends in travellers’ behaviour and the experience economy. “The customer value proposition of Kenya will be more competitive when it is aligned with target needs and interests… One of the trends that is especially relevant is the search for experiences”, Sonia added.

Kenya stakeholder forumBetty Radier, the Kenya Tourism Board chief executive, said the board has identified 14 strategic initiatives that will be implemented under the country’s tourism marketing strategy which was developed together with THR last year. Top among the initiatives is the implementation of a portfolio of Top, Signature and Quality Assured experiences to deliver an exceptional tourist experience to all visitors coming to Kenya.

"Kenya’s safari, beach and marine, nature, culture and heritage and city tourism, as well as business tourism will be revamped and transformed into new products and authentic experiences that offer value to visitors coming into the country." Ms. Radier said.

"The Magical Kenya brand will be known for more than just beach and safari but also for adventure trips - be it hiking, trekking or mountain climbing - nature and culture, beach holidays, special interest niches such as bird watching, athletics, golf, water sports, and special celebrations", she added.

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