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Eulogio Bordas, president of THR, presented the UNWTO 3rd Global Summit

The ongoing urban and travel revolutions create a unique opportunity to make of city tourism a strong driver of smarter, more sustainable and inclusive cities.

UNWTO Global SummitAccording to the conclusions of the 3rd Global Summit on City Tourism held in Barcelona, Spain, on December 9-10th, the new paradigms for city tourism must address key issues: community engagement, better research and data to guide planning and management, public-private partnerships, the creation of clusters and the streamline of technology, innovation and sustainability.

"The future opportunities for urban tourism can-not be better. It represent close to 15% of international tourism and some of its segments, such as city breaks, incentive trips, meetings, events… and even long holidays, will grow a lot in the coming 20 years" said Eulogio Bordas as the master of ceremonies at the UNWTO 3rd Global Summit.

“We should always keep in mind that tourism happens in a community and that a city that is not good for its citizens will never be a good tourism destination. A city that is good for its citizens is good for tourists; a city that is loved by its citizens will be loved by its visitors”, said Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary-General.

The Summit focused on four keys areas: the changing environment, knowledge and technology, measurement and how to make city tourism benefit the city and its surroundings.

*Article elaborated with information of THR and Travel Daily News.

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