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Christophe de Bruyn


"Innovation should be a way of approaching and thinking about the tourism experience throughout the tourism value chain and tourist journey… Innovation doesn’t necessarily imply “inventing” something new, it is also about eliminating customer “pains” and providing services in a different way."

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Post graduate degree in Business Administration as part of the Executive Development Program at I.E.S.E., (University of Navarra), - Barcelona, Spain (1992); Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management at CERIAT (Centre for Studies and Research on the Food and Tourism Industries) in Brussels, Belgium (1982).
Member of the ISHC (International Society of Hospitality Consultants) – www.ishc.com


Christophe has worked for more than 30 years in the tourism, leisure, hospitality, commercial and real estate sectors. During this time, he has acquired a wide and in-depth knowledge of a variety of aspects relating to investment and the development of projects, as well as considerable experience in improving the management system of companies in the tourism sector.

In the private sector, he has conducted numerous studies for resorts, urban hotels and mixed-use developments, both in the development phase and in improving existing assets and operations. His responsibilities have included, among other things, market analysis, concept definition and design, development program and financial feasibility analysis, operator search and negotiation.

In the public sector, Christophe has worked in the field of tourist destinations, where he has acquired extensive experience in the planning and management of tourism destinations and institutions, including strategic tourism plans, economic development, feasibility studies and the setting up of public-private partnership schemes. Christophe has directed or participated in tourism product creation for over 40 companies (investors, developers, tourism companies, hotels, associations of SMEs, and chambers of commerce). He has worked at different levels: international (co-operation between countries), national, regional and local (municipalities), as well as specific destinations (integrated tourism, leisure and mixed use facilities), with public, private or public-private investment and operations management.

Relevant projects

Christophe has directed several projects in Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, North Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

His clients are owners of hotels and hotel chains, individual investors and investment funds, real estate developers, of which the following are just few examples: Intercontinental Hotels, Port Aventura Resort Hotels, Himalaia Hotels, Marbella Club Hotel, Puente Romano Hotel, Don Pepe Hotel, Rotana Hotels & Resorts, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Al Rayyan Hospitality, Saudi Hotels & Resorts, etc. Caixabank, Fadesa, Inveravante, Reig Patrimonia, Shuaa Capital, Qatar Investment Authority, Aspire Katara Investments, Oman Tourism Development Company.

In the case of the public sector, Christophe has worked for multilateral organisations like the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the World Bank, the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Spanish Co-operation Agency, the Andean Corporation Development Bank, and many national, regional and local tourism organizations.

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