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THR will be part of the Kenya Coastal Tourism Stakeholders Summit

The Kenya Swahili Coast remains a key destination for Kenya’s tourism industry. Besides being a stand-alone beach destination with diverse experiences along the coastline, it also lends itself well as an add-on to the Kenya’s renowned wildlife safari experience.

Malindi beach
For a long time, for the tourism authorities, the challenge has been on how to move forward into implementing tangible actions by all concerned stakeholders, both the private sector and the public sector, to make the vision for the Coastal region and specifically for the beach product a reality.

It is for this reason that the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife has organized a high-level Coastal Tourism Stakeholders Summit, which will be held on 31st January & 1st February 2019 to collaboratively decide on how to move the Kenya Swahili Coast forward.

Nicolas Urvois, head Middle East & Africa of THR, as one of the invited speakers will talk about “Living & Fulfilling the Repositioning Promise” as part of the Product development session for the Kenyan Coast.

The expected outcomes of the Summit are that the Coastal stakeholders would…

  • Be inspired by the Vision of what a beach destination can become & appraised of global trends & case studies they can benchmark with.

  • Be challenged to think and act differently in-order to be competitive globally.

  • Gain knowledge that will improve their know–how and skills on various aspects.

  • Gain practical solutions & actions steps that can be implemented immediately in their respective organizations towards transforming the Coastal destination.

  • Reach clear resolutions and binding commitments for all stakeholders, both private and public sectors, that will ensure a tangible progress.

*This article has been elaborated with information provided by Kenya Tourism Board (KTB).

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