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THR concludes the strategy and action plan to establish Cyprus as a leading destination in tourism investment

Since last October, THR has been the consulting firm in charge of designing and supporting the implementation of a strategy and action plan aimed at attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment to tourism projects in Cyprus. The project was commissioned by Invest Cyprus, the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, the investment authority of the Government of Cyprus in charge of foreign direct investment into the country.

The strategy designed by THR aims, on the one hand, to identify investment opportunities in the country. For this purpose, an exhaustive research of the Cypriot tourism ecosystem and the projects promoted by Invest Cypus has been carried out.

On the other hand, the strategy also aims to improve the Cypriot investment ecosystem and the investor experience. To this end, THR analyzed various incentive schemes and the investor journey of investors, along with the promotional activities of Invest Cyprus.

During the last 4 months, THR's efforts in collaboration with Invest Cyprus have been focused on the market, defining an implementation plan and supporting the search for potential investors.

This is not THR's first project in Cyprus, as it was in charge of designing the 2016 National Tourism Strategy.

*Article elaborated with information from Invest Cyprus.

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