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THR attend the Investment and Business Cooperation Forum Spain-Turkey

"We confirm that Turkey is characterized by having an international spirit and has a large potential for the investment development in the coming years" said Javier Gonzalez, of the international consulting firm THR. "It's very open and shares strong similarities with Spain," he added.

Foro ICEX España - TurquíaTHR Innovative Tourism Advisors attended the Investment and Business Cooperation Forum Spain-Turkey which was held on 19 and 20 March in Istanbul organized by ICEX.

Turkey is one of the most popular holidays destinations and, in 2011, received more than 31 million tourists, generating a turnover which was around 23,000 million and placing it as the sixth country in the world by revenue in this area. In addition, in 2012 again ranked among the top ten global destinations with better value, according to the annual barometer “Worldwide Holiday Cost” published by the British firm “The Post Office”.

The remains of the many cultures that have shaped the country, make Turkey an attractive tourist destination that still has much to explore and therefore the Government's goal is to be among the top five countries in the world in number of visitors and quantity of tourism revenue by 2023, according to information provided by ICEX.

Secretary of Commerce in Spain, Jaime Garcia-Legaz, said during a session that Turkey is a priority country for Spanish investment abroad and invited companies to be more ambitious in exploiting this market. "Turkey does not only offer an interesting market, but also the option to form consortium with local businesses to explore the area in which Turkish companies have prestige and influence", he added. Moreover confirmed that most of the companies participating in the Forum were of construction, technology and consulting areas, as THR, where the main interest is the major infrastructure projects that Turkey is planning to undertake in the coming years.

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