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'The value provided by the interior design of a hotel' at InteriHotel Barcelona 2018

In the last edition of InteriHotel, held from 24 to 26 October in Barcelona, the value of the interior design of a hotel to its different audiences was addressed within its conference program.

interihotel 2018Eulogio Bordas, president of THR, was responsible for deepening the topic during his presentation and later in the discussion panel. "The perception of value by the customer is made through the ‘Gain creators’ and ‘Pain relievers’... The design is a creative activity that portray not only objects but spaces", commented Bordas.

Nowadays, hotels on the Internet compete through their images and the winner will be the one where the customer perceives greater value. To achieve this, Eulogio Bordas synthesized it during his conference in 7 key steps:

  1. Understand the "value" composition

  2. Understand the new society

  3. Focus the design on the target segment of the hotel

  4. Design the "mix of experiences"

  5. Feed the emotional pyramid

  6. Reduce discomforts and insecurities

  7. Briefing and storybooks
"A trend to succeed, when we are designing a hotel, is to design experiences in a personalized, original and different way. For example, the breakfast or check-in experience. The hotels will have applications to solve their services much more effectively: reservations, dinners, payment. A human team with good attitude coupled with technological and digital innovations are the two great paradigms.", concluded Bordas.

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