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The Oman Ministry of Tourism and THR celebrated the agreement signing to support the Tourism Strategy implementation

On February 14th, His Excellency Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrizi, Minister of Tourism of the Sultanate and Christophe de Bruyn, CEO of THR Tourism Advisors signed the contract agreement during the signing ceremony held in Oman. The 2-year contract signing indicates the beginning of the provision of support services for the implementation of the Tourism Strategy awarded to THR in the past months.

Oman Tourism Ministry

THR was the selected firm that developed, together with the Tourism Ministry, the Oman Tourism Strategy, and now is the one in charge to give continuity providing support to the Ministry’s team in its implementation, in collaboration with other Government entities and private sector stakeholders.

“The Five-year Plan aims to diversify the economic base and reduce the dependence on oil as a prime sector in the country and reduce the impact of the negative effects of the volatility of its prices in the global market, in addition to maximizing interest from the tourism sector, and to create direct employment opportunities for nationals”, said recently Al Mahrizi in front of the Shura Council during last week ordinary session.

Oman Tourism Ministry

The Oman Tourism Strategy has been structured in seven main themes covering tourism investment and development, environmental responsibility, tourism experiences development, marketing, human capital development, competitiveness improvement, and tourism governance and management.

THR’s team will be in place in April to give support to the Tourism Ministry to implement the 26 initiatives gathered in the plan.

*Article elaborated using information of Times of Oman.

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