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The new Tourist Marketing Plan of Catalonia has been officially presented

Last March 19th the director of the Catalan Tourist Board (CTB), David Font, and the Deputy of Tourism of the Barcelona Provincial Council, Miquel Sàmper, presented the new Tourism Marketing Plan of Catalonia, to the public and private industry.

Catalan tourism industry

During his speech, the director of the CTB, David Font, said that "The new Plan has as its objective of decentralization and tourist deseasonalization; that can favor areas of the country that until now didn’t have an intense tourist activity". Font has also ensured that all territories have tourist elements that can be a claim for visitors, it is only necessary that the territory itself has the tools and the will to put them in value.

The Deputy of Tourism of Barcelona Provincial Council, Miquel Samper, said "This Marketing Plan is the roadmap we need to position our tourism offer in the world and to capture the attention and interest of those who can most appreciate what we are and what we put at their disposal".

THR Innovative Tourism Advisors was the awarded company for the elaboration the Marketing Plan of Catalonia 2018-2022, working together with the CTB, and with a high involvement of key stakeholders of the tourism sector, both public and private.

This new Tourism Marketing Plan of Catalonia marks as objectives for 2022 to increase tourist trips by 9%; increase average spending per tourist and per day; and increase the number of travelers staying in tourist establishments off the coast by 11%.

*Article elaborated using information and images of the Catalan Tourist Board (CTB) and Barcelona Provincial Council.

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