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Sonia Huerta at the UNWTO Conference on Sustainable Development

On September 9th, Sonia Huerta, from THR, moderated the Session “Sustainable economic development: Is it really possible to create value for everyone?” at the UNWTO Conference on Sustainable Development of Tourism in Islands at Reunion Island, France.

UNWTO Sustainable TourismTourism is one of the principal economic activities in islands and therefore an essential source of job opportunities, livelihood, and inclusive growth for these destinations. For 'Small Island Developing States' (SIDS), international tourism is of particular interest and usually represents a major source of foreign currency, while at the same time is subject to social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities.

The conference exposed a wide range of issues relevant to the islands as a destination, from its competitiveness and its sustainability perspectives, identifying challenges and vulnerabilities, to the explanation of relevant actions examples.

This international conference has helped to strengthen the tourism development in the islands, as one of the most promising options for economic growth and development; if it planned and managed according to the principles of sustainability.

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