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Senatur presented the Tourism Marketing Plan of Paraguay developed by THR

The Strategic and Operative Tourism Marketing Plan of Paraguay for 2016-2018 was presented by the National Tourism Secretary (Senatur) to the private industry and the public authorities at the main cities of Encarnación, Ciudad del Este and Asunción the past 2, 3 and 5th of November, respectively.

marketing plan paraguayThe Tourism Marketing Plan has been elaborated under Senatur’s National Tourism Program, as part of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) financing. The formulation of this plan was made by THR, Innovative Tourism Advisors.

“To get close to the tourism demand is necessary to build an offer, and to achieve that we should boost the creation of new tourism products”, said the Tourism Minister, Marcela Bacigalupo during the presentation.

The plan presented by Mariano Araya, THR’s director, establish as main quantitative objective to increase the weight of the trips with holiday and leisure purposes, from 19.1% in 2014 to 30% in 2018.

“We need to empower all the tourism industry. I am confident that we will exceed the target in 2018. But we need a path drawn, we are all in this boat, the public and private sector” highlighted the Minister.

The great quantitative objective is complemented with seven qualitative:

  1. Increase the value offered through a complete portfolio of tourism products and experiences.

  2. Diversify the composition of the current tourist demand.

  3. Increase the knowledge and understanding of the destination.

  4. Strengthen the image and brand positioning.

  5. Improve the efficiency of communication and tourism promotion.

  6. Increase and strengthen the presence of Paraguay in the trade.

  7. Make digital marketing the main tourism marketing tool of Paraguay.

This is intended through a series of strategies developed to strengthen the country's image, as well as all existing and future tourism products to target markets. In this regard, Senatur has given continuity to the public policies and is overturned to strengthen public - private partnerships.

Additionally, as part of the final phase of the 2016-2018 Marketing Plan, THR offered a series of training sessions for Senatur’s management and technical team. The sessions offered were organized into the following topics:

  • Digital Marketing - Strategy and Analysis

  • Tourism Statistics and Market Research

  • Marketing Plan Implementation

  • Balanced Scorecard method

With the plan’s presentation at Paraguay’s major cities and the training sessions provided to Senatur’s team, THR concludes the elaboration of Paraguay’s Tourism Marketing Plan for the next three years period.

For more information watch the Itapúa News video (in Spanish):

*Article elaborated with information of Senatur and Itapua News.

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