Restructuring tourism plan for Playa de Palma

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Restructuring tourism plan for Playa de Palma

Service Area: Dream Resorts & Hotels
Capabilitiess: Strategic plan, Positioning, Value management , Experiential system
Client: Platja de Palma Consortium (CPP)
Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

THR was responsible for defining the new tourism strategy of Playa de Palma. The goal was to allow it to improve the management of its positioning as a reference destination on the future tourism market, and address all those tourists who were looking for a satisfactory leisure solution.

Platja de Palma For over 60 years, Playa de Palma, a symbol of mass sun & beach tourism in the Mediterranean, has provided Majorca with wealth and employment. However, for the last few years, the main hotel chains have directed their efforts to the development of tourism enclaves, causing establishments to age and deteriorate.
The zone has limited quality hotel offer (4/5*), and leisure offer is characterised by a strong presence of alcohol and nightclubs, which has damaged the image of Playa de Palma as a tourism destination.

Diagram 'Life Cyicle of the Palma Beach Destination'

Ciclo de vida Playa de Palma
Source: THR

THR committed itself to developing a plan and a business model that would ensure Playa de Palma a prosperous and sustainable long term future. For this to happen, 4 action plans were devised based on the design and implementation of the 'Competitive Diamond' business model, a marketing system and a tourism management method.

To successfully reach the aim of a comprehensive reconversion of Playa de Palma, 7 core ideas were fundamental in the project:

  • To go for a competitive yet sustainable tourism positioning.
  • To take on global reshaping and climate change as well as to preserve natural systems both on land and in water.
  • To improve living and employment conditions for residents and workers.
  • To comprehensively increase the price of the territorial and urban system through sustainability criteria.
  • To establish ambitious commitments in order to curb the ecological burden of urban metabolism on a local and global scale.

  • To create an innovative digital space for all people and activities.
  • To put in place a social and institutional pact and a form of governance for change.

The new Playa de Palma is targeted at the tourist who is looking to spend satisfying extended periods of time partaking in leisure activities and it offers them:

  • Holidays which are eventful, gratifying and memorable owing to the quality of the leisure activities on offer.
  • A stunning mediterranean setting which is highly secure, comfortable and sophisticated, in an ideal environment.

With the repositioning of Playa de Palma, 6 key markets are to be the destination's focus:

  • The holiday market
  • Exploration and discover
  • Health and wellness
  • Sports
  • Special interest
  • Meetings

It needs to be focused on consumers with very specific motivations and who are innovative, imaginative and who like to experience something new.

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