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“Resorts must be customer oriented” at the ATM 2017

On the occasion of the Arabian Travel Market (April 24th-27th), THR had the pleasure to participate with the session titled “Development of New Generation Mixed-Used Resorts”, presented by Christophe de Bruyn, THR’s CEO, that took place at the Showcase Theatre, Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

ATM 2017The development of resorts is a high-risk business and the sector is increasingly competitive. Having excellent facilities is not enough, what people are looking for is happiness.

This presentation explained how resorts could succeed. The resort must be customer oriented and should be very competitive, and this depends on their business model. The business model determines the way the resort creates value for its customers, and therefore their buyers and investors.

"We conceive resorts built on Inspiration & Logic to make the investment profitable and sustainable. Today your resort is a virgin piece of land… but full of promises and destined to be unique.", De Bruyn said.

In this session, De Bruyn presented best practices to guide the ATM audience on customer oriented resort design and development, answering the following 3 questions:

  • How to identify the customer segment that you should focus on?

  • How can you develop products that stand out from our competitors?

  • How can you sell better those products?

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