Master plan for tourism development in Cala Iris

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Master plan for tourism development in Cala Iris

Service Area: Dream Resorts & Hotels
Capabilitiess: Master plan, Architecture concept, Strategic plan, Attracting investors, Selection of operators, Experiential system , Feasibility study, Positioning
Client: MEDZ, affiliate of CDG Développement
Location: Al Hoceima, Morocco

The project consisted of developing the 339 ha Resort in Cala Iris, located in a unique spot 80 km from Al Hoceima. The project was a residential tourist area with over 10,000 beds (60% residential and 40% hotel) and with a significant leisure and entertainment component.

Cala Iris ResortThe development of the new Cala Iris tourism zone was included in the framework of the tourism development programme of the Al Hoceima province.
MEDZ (subsidiary of CDG Développement) participated in the public bidding announced by the Moroccan Government for the development of a resort in Cala Iris in northern Morocco, on the Mediterranean coast.

MEDZ requested THR's collaboration to develop the master plan, as it must ensure the originality of each action proposed, generating a harmonious tourism offer for this area of the Mediterranean coast which was at the same time different and competitive.

Outline 'New tourism: New society engines'

Nuevos motores de la sociedad
Source: Jensen,Rolf. The Dream Society.

THR proposed and designed an attractive presentation dossier for the Cala Iris resort which conveyed the main results, as well as a positioning strategy and a highly competitive programme. The resort was created through its master plan and its architecture concept.
Furthermore, a financial and a commercialisation plan were defined to attract prestigous investors and operators.

To implement the project, different studies were carried out. Amongst them there were:

  • Strategic Study of the Al Hoceima Region
  • Business Model
  • Experiences System
  • Positioning Concept for the Resort
  • Viability Plan
  • Master Plan and its Architecture
  • Project Presentation Book

Extract of the Cala Iris Resort master plan

Cala Iris
Source: THR

The result was a fourth generation hotel-residential resort conceived for Dream Society. Its positioning was as an experience resort which enabled clients to experience Mediterranean passion through the exaltation of Rif culture, the sea, and the nature of the Bokkoyas Massif.

Its programme incorporated a variety of 10 hotels (4 5* hotels, 4 4* hotels and a VVT) which are unique and complementary. Moreover, it included a strong exclusive residential offer with great quality and wide green spaces and panoramic views of the Mediterranean. A large variety of exclusive equipment make up the resort's entertainment offer: a coast area, a fishermen's port, a wellness centre and a school of hotel training.

Finally, THR completed its proposal with a management agency for the resort and an "Experience Centre" to implement and develop Cala Iris's activities.

Images of the Cala Iris Resort project

Cala Iris Resort
Cala Iris Resort
Source: THR

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