Master plan for a tourist resort in Kenitra

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Master plan for a tourist resort in Kenitra

Service Area: Dream Resorts & Hotels
Capabilitiess: Master plan, Business model, Feasibility study, Architecture concept, Market intelligence, Experiential system , Topographic analysis, Operational plan
Client: Renowned private holding from Morocco
Location: Kenitra, Morocco

A renowned private holding in Morocco feared the position and prestige of one of its hotels in Marrakech was in jeopardy. Thus, this project required a strategic plan in order to ensure the profitability and competitiveness of the establishment.

THR's mission is to create in Kenitra, Morocco, a one-of-a-kind resort. This tourist resort boasts a powerful and distinct value proposition based on a residential offer with elegant architecture and a highly evocative component.

Kenitra literally means 'little bridge'. The city is to the north of Morocco by the Atlantic Ocean and it has a lovely port which hasn't yet been exposed to tourism.

For the project THR designed an innovative concept under its vast methodology which covers:

  • Study of the tourism and residential Moroccan market
  • Analysis of the site's strategy and topography
  • Development of the concept and a detailed use model
  • Development of a master plan

  • Development of concept architecture
  • Financial viability study and development of a use plan
  • Commercial dossier for the search of hotel operators

Sketch of the master plan for the tourist resort

Trazado del plan maestro del resort turístico
Source: THR

The main result was a tourist resort with 4 business units: a 6-star hotel with 145 rooms, a 5-star hotel with 330 rooms, the 'Mansouk Souk' with a great leisure and shopping offer and a conference centre.

The concept is a tourist resort able to give the client a mental image different from its competitors'. Moreover, it has singular and unique connotations compared to the development of a single hotel. It also offers a specific identity (urban + resort) different from a single luxury hotel, or the mixed-use developments which can be found in and around Marrakech.

The positioning defined by THR: "This tourist resort is a renowned establishment with luxury accomodation, haute cuisine, exclusive shopping, high-tech offices and the most modern meeting rooms. It is located in a beautiful environment, a stone's throw away from the vibrant centre of Marrakech."

Images of the tourist resort

Ilustración del resort turístico

Ilustración del resort turístico

Ilustración del resort turístico

Source: THR

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