Marketing and sales plan for St Juraj Bay on Hvar Island

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Marketing and sales plan for St Juraj Bay on Hvar Island

Service Area: Advisory Services
Capabilitiess: Marketing plan, Sales & commercialisation, Business model, Organisation restructuring, Brand management
Client: Edge Capital
Location: Hvar Island, Croatia

Edge Capital needed to transform the concept of a new resort on the island of Hvar, Croatia. The resort was already a success from a commercial and sales point of view. The project needed to take into account the uncertainty of the market at the time.

Edge CapitalTHR's mission in this project was to elaborate a sales and marketing plan which set the resort's sales objectives for the following 5 years.

The project needed a clear marketing strategy, tactics, communication and sales campaigns, and finally an organised system for marketing and sales. In addition to that, the project needed a specific budget in order to be accomplished.

Following the "Big Picture" methodology, THR firstly chose the resort's key competences and its business and marketing goals. It also decided which would be the target (buyers' type, geo-markets, lifestyle and demography) and the resort's positioning.

The phases of the project considered:

  • Establishing sales objectives in general and per cities for each year.
  • Product definition (value creation).
  • Elaborating a communication and sales system which allowed us to attain the goals by two means: communication with a certain audience which would generate contacts, and the necessary visits to the destination.

Diagram Hvar island's 'Magic and Logic'

La magia y la lógica de Hvar
Source: THR

Edge Capital obtained a marketing plan which consisted of selling a holiday home to potentially interested clients in Croatia, Montenegro or even in other Mediterranean areas. The target customers were above all seniors and families with a successful and innovative lifestyle, and mostly from Munich, Frankfurt, London and Croatia.

The sales objectives were established so as to ensure that 40% of the residences were sold before even starting construction. That meant selling between 63 and 124 units depending on the year. The first year was the most successful in terms of sales. In order to achieve that we needed to get to 1.5 million people and to generate 8 million impacts.

In order to create added value THR gave Edge Capital a brand briefing to pass on to the creative agency as well as a description of the resort, its facilities, the experiences and services that were needed. Furthermore, the role of the resort's management agency was determined.

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