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Madrid aspires to be among the top five European tourism cities

The Tourism Association of Madrid (ATM), the entity promoting tourism in the region, launches its first project, as published by Hosteltur on March 4th.

Tourism Association of Madrid (ATM)The ATM has approved its first strategic plan, which involved the consulting firms THR Innovative Tourism Advisors, E&Y and Deloitte, intended to place Spain’s capital among the top five cities in Europe in the tourism sector. The plan also proposed to increase the number of visitors by 30% and tourist expenditure by 50%.

One of the first steps of this project will be the launch of a single brand, which will bring together the tourism assets of the city and its Community under one brand. It aims to gain international attractiveness, as Carlos Chaguaceda, Director General of Tourism - Community of Madrid explained to Hosteltur.

The plan also aims to reduce dependence on the domestic market. Therefore, promotion of the destination will focus on strategic markets: the European big four (France, Italy, Germany and the UK), Latin America (especially Mexico, Colombia and Brazil), the United States, Russia, major Asian countries (such as China) and the Middle East.

In addition, the strategy seeks to involve residents so that the expected increase in tourism can coexist with their daily life.

About the Tourism Association of Madrid (ATM)
The ATM is an entity of public-private nature, which has 52 partners, 51% from the private sector and 49% from the public; and is composed of the Community of Madrid, the Madrid City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, cultural and corporate entities.

*Article elaborated with Hosteltur information.

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