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Kenya unveiled the blueprint for counties to identify and develop products and experiences

With 37 county government representatives and private sector attending, the Forum to build capacity and identify potential experiences in Kenya took place last week at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi.

Kenya Tourism Board CEO, Ms. Betty Radier, said the session was aimed at strengthening the existing link between the product and experience, by identifying top experiences in each county and packaging them for better outcomes.

“We have unique tourism products across the country, which need to be identified and developed as part of our strategy to offering diverse tourism experiences to our visitors” she stated.

Kenya Experiences Forum

During the Forum, Ms. Sonia Huerta, THR Senior manager, offered a Training Session to the public and private sector attendees providing the main guidelines to put into effect Kenya’s Experience programs. “Kenya is missing on opportunities as it is strongly associated to the safari business” she said.

“By investing in the competitiveness of your county, you are reinforcing a precious circle" expressed Ms. Huerta when sharing on the role of regions and counties in the implementation of Top Experiences Program. “The private and public sector need to work together to improve services and infrastructure for better experiences” she added.

Kisumu County Executive Member in charge of Tourism and Culture, Ms. Achie Ojany, noted that they are going to work closely with KTB to identify and harness the potential of tourism in the counties, when giving the opening speech at the Forum.

Cultural tourism is on the upward trend. Our people and our varied cultures are all part of what makes our country so special”, she remarked, highlighting the reasons of why cultural tourism is quite relevant: promotes socio-economic development, establishes and reinforces identity, preserves the cultural and historical heritage, and helps to renew tourism.

*Article elaborated with information of Kenya Tourism Board. Photos property of Kenya Tourism Board.

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