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Kenyan Tourism Board embarks on mission to improve tourism industry

The Kenyan Tourism Board (KTB) & THR to work together on the review and development of Kenya’s tourism marketing, beach and air growth strategies.

Kenya Tourism BoardThe KTB has embarked on a series of projects to improve revenues from the tourism industry by, among other things helping the industry players develop products that are attractive and affordable to both local and international tourists.

Revenues in the tourism sector have been improving in the recent past with tourist arrivals rising 13.8 percent during the first six months of this year. According to the KTB however, some products such as beach tourism are still lagging behind.

The Board has embarked on this project to review tourism marketing, beach and air strategies and has contracted an international tourism consultancy firm, THR Innovative Tourism Advisors, for the task.

The board plans to diversify landing destinations for tourists from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to other facilities across the country to increase accessibility and connectivity to the various tourist sites.

*Article elaborated using information of KBC 1 Channel.

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