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Japan appoints THR for the review and development of its tourism promotion strategy in Spain

THR JNTOAfter the opening of its office in Madrid last year, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has recently commissioned THR Innovative Tourism Advisors to review its tourism promotion policy within Spanish territory.

Due to the increase of travelers from Spain to Japan and the growing interest of Spaniards in the country, this new delegation has among its functions:

  • Collaborate with the media to increase the visibility of Japan.

  • Increase collaboration with tour operators and travel agencies.

  • Study Spanish outbound tourism to Japan.

  • Answer inquiries from tourists who are going to visit Japan.

THR, works closely with the JNTO team since last September, to take advantage of this increased interest in the destination, as well as to maximize the results of the different promotional actions carried out by the office.

* Article elaborated with information from JNTO.

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