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Eulogio Bordas shared the opportunities that the tourism industry offers at the Weekend Media Festival

On September 20th, within the Weekend Media Festival held in Rovinj, Croatia, Eulogio Bordas, President of THR, shared with the audience his vision of the opportunities that tourism offers to Advertising and Public Relations professionals.

Weekend Media FestivalThis 12th Edition, which brought together more than 5,500 participants, included in its program the lecture entitled "How does the evolution of tourism open up opportunities for marketing and communications?" in charge of Eulogio Bordas.

“The main economic activity on the planet is under great turbulence! Soon we will have 1.5 billion international trips of which 85% will be of pleasure.” highlighted Bordas.

During his lecture, he said that, despite the turbulence, the international tourism business model is undergoing profound changes that open up new business opportunities for the industry as well as the media, advertising and public relations agencies. He noted that these opportunities take place in 4 major areas: segmentation, customer value proposition, cooperation, and the reinvention of communication and sales.

"The tourism industry requires marketing agencies to help them communicate effectively and digitally ... and move from product communication to multi-segment communication", he added.

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