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Eulogio Bordas and Sonia Huerta gave the Workshop: New Marketing on Tourism Destinations

"We are in the business of happiness, and what they buy are positive emotional states" it’s how Eulogio Bordas, president of THR, began on March 27th the New Marketing on Tourism Destinations Workshop organized by the Direction for the Promotion of Tourism, PromPerú. Bordas, accompanied by Sonia Huerta, THR Manager, and Javier Espasa, Director of the Catalan Tourism Agency, commented during the two-day workshop in Lima, the necessary evolution from the old to the new tourism.

Promperu"We do not sell beds and transportation anymore, we offer experiences and emotions. Generate and propose stories ", was basically the start of the workshop which exposed subjects like: the current situation in tourism marketing, new ways to communicate value, the industry support, how to manage customer satisfaction, establishing metrics and methods to monitor results, differentiated marketing plan by segment / market, and finally the internal organization and team structure.

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru Export and Tourism, PromPerú, whose main purpose is to promote Peru as a destination rich in history and culture, offers these learning and updating experiences to the country\'s tourism sector, to train the professionals for the changes that the tourism industry is experiencing.

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