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Bolshoe Chebachie Lake Resort project was presented to Kazakhstan’s potential investors

On February 1st, THR's CEO, Christophe de Bruyn, presented at Kazakhstan the potential of Bolshoe Chebachie Lake Resort project to national investors.

Bolshoe Chebachie Lake ResortHis intervention took place during the official presentation of Kazakhstan government to potential investors. Among the presentations made during the event, Mr. de Bruyn addressed the main aspects of Bolshoe Chebachie Lake Resort’s master plan, business model and financial feasibility, a plan that will be profitable and attractive for investors and operators.

The Bolshoe Chebachie Lake Area Resort, is a location of 263ha within the Burabay National Park. The project, that ensures sustainable development and long-term success, includes an attractive mix of amenities with anchor facilities that could generate demand all year-round.

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