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B-Travel focuses on the development of Experiential Tourism

The 2nd edition of B-Travel by Fira de Barcelona (after 23 editions as the International Tourism Fair of Catalonia) opens its doors today until April 17 at Montjuïc. The trade fair will feature 200 exhibitors and 27,000 people are expected to attend.

BTravel 2016B-Travel will present the tourism of all the regions in Spain and more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, and the scene will be more focused on the experiential scene.

The exhibition hall is divided into five areas, depending on the experiences that visitors are looking for:

  • B-Happy, travel with family and friends, romantic getaways, wellness, etc.

  • B-Culture, proposals related to art, history and culture as well as musical, film and photographic tourism.

  • B-Special, with the offer of new luxury tourism, shopping and unique experiences.

  • B-Adventure, featuring sports tourism, rural, mountain biking, sailing, etc.

  • B-Delicious, with eno-gastronomic routes.

Business opportunities in Experiential Tourism is the main topic of the professional workshops

The future of tourism is to offer the travelers the experience of unique emotions during their trip, whether hiking, tasting the local cuisine, staying in the countryside, shopping and even visiting old textile factories. In the professional B-Travel workshops, the experiences with more demand from travelers and those that open up new business opportunities for companies in the sector will be analyzed.

THR Innovative Tourism Advisors works closely with the management team of B-Travel in the development of new ideas for the trade fair regarding Experiential Tourism.

*Article prepared with information from B-Travel.

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